Mined and Found Fairy Opal + Rainbow Silk One Of A Kind Necklace™

# CSNFM00760

Mined and Found Fairy Opal + Rainbow Silk One Of A Kind Necklace™

# CSNFM00760

Pull up close and fall in love with this spectacular one of a kind.. 
What's fairy opal, you say? Figuratively speaking, a diamond in the rough. It's a rare, natural material also known as opalized sandstone, found exclusively in Queensland, Australia, occurring when small particles of precious opal permeate surrounding sandstone. It is enhanced through a heating process, bringing a dark background body color to allow the opal's colors to stand out bright + strong.

This 19" strand is paired with hand-dyed rainbow silk™ picked to match the gem's micro rainbow sparkle. A stand-alone gem as rare as you.

  • Total length 18"
  • 14KT solid yellow gold closure
  • Genuine Fairy opal beads, graduate from approximately 6.5 - 11.5mm


Product Details

Name Fairy Opal + Rainbow Silk One Of A Kind Necklace™
Stock Number CSNFM00760
Style Number RSNOAKFO18Y
Department Fashion
Type Necklace
Sub Type Fashion Necklaces, Gemstone Necklaces
Material Opal
Category Fashion

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