William Henry The Cabernet 1101 Pen

# GWMWH00013

William Henry The Cabernet 1101 Pen

# GWMWH00013

The Cabernet 1101 is a mesmerizing rollerball pen featuring a barrel in 100,000 year-old fossil coral from the the Florida Keys, and a light structure in aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. The accents on the carbon fiber cap are in Mokume Gane and hand forged damascus steel; the pocket clip is set with sapphire. This beautiful writing instrument also features William Henry's patent-pending Wavelock™ cap closure system – a ring of chromium steel balls embedded in a titanium ring which are captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars for closed and post positions. The Cabernet 1101 is a limited worldwide edition of 250 pieces, and the exotic fossil coral barrel confers to each of them a distinct and original personality. Much like their owners, no two pens are ever alike.


Product Details


Wavelock™ Closure System
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box

Name The Cabernet 1101 Pen
Stock Number GWMWH00013
Style Number RB81101
Department Accessories
Type Pen
Collection Cabernet
Materials Carbon Fiber, Coral, Mokume Gane, Sapphire, Titanium
Category Graduation

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