Jewelery Care

Caring for your Jewelry

It is important to protect your jewelry, so it may last for generations to come.
To do so, precautions must be taken to prevent wear and tear from everyday activities and poor storage.
To keep your jewelry in the best condition, follow these tips:

  Prevent Scratches

  • Store pieces separately
  • Remove jewelry when doing housework or gardening
  • Do not clean with toothpaste, which may contain abrasives

  Shield from Chemicals

  • Protect jewelry from household cleaning chemicals
  • Put jewelry on after washing and applying makeup or hair products
  • Don’t expose to chlorine, commonly found in swimming pools

 And don’t forget to...

  • Store bead necklaces flat, so the internal string doesn’t stretch over time
  • Always repair any loose or ‘rattling’ stones before wear
  • Store silver in sealed plastic bags to reduce tarnishing from oxygenation
  • Do not soak pieces for prolonged amounts of time, as it may loosen stones
  • Don’t store near heating vent or direct sunlight, which may cause extreme temperatures